Learn to fight with medieval, renaissance and victorian weapons!

Our school has over a hundred members and two instructors with a variety of skills, knowledge and expertise in different weapon forms, combat and research. We teach armed and unarmed combat in the English, German and Italian traditions using longswords, sword & buckler, side-sword, rapier and military sabre. We train with both synthetic and steel weapons and suitable armour is always worn for sparring.

Your Instructors

The AHF is run by the Thomas Brothers. We have five excellent instructors, who teach and train with all European weapon systems, with a specific interest in longsword, rapier, sabre and sword & buckler. Nick specialises in Italian rapier from Capo Ferro while Michael's focus is German longsword from the later sources such as Meyer. Both were among the first instructors in the UK to study these masters.

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Who are the AHF?

The Academy of Historical Fencing is the oldest and largest historical fencing school in South Wales and the South West of England. The school is run by the Thomas Brothers who have been training since the mid '90s. We are a modern martial arts club that teaches the competitive use of historical weapons to people of all ages (over 18). We have over 100 members and take part in competitions, duels, challenges and contests around the world. The AHF has two schools that train in Newport on every Monday (except the first Monday of each month) and Bristol every Wednesday. Visit the 'Our School' page for more information.

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Where do you train?

The Academy has two schools in the UK. We train in Bristol (Bradley Stoke, South West England) and Newport (Ponthir Village Hall, South Wales). Click on the 'Our Schools' on the menu above for more information.

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ITV news article on the formation of second AHF school in 2008. The first was formed in 2006 in Caerleon, South Wales.

What is HEMA?

HEMA is Historical European Martial Arts. We study the martial arts of Europeans from many hundreds of years ago. You will learn to fight with all kinds of exciting weapons in a safe and competitive manner under the supervision of two experienced instructors. Fight individual duels, experience swirling melees and fight for your club, country and honour in the UK and throughout Europe. Here are some videos of the AHF. This will give you a better idea of what it is like to train with us.

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