Recommended Equipment

Using the right equipment for training with the AHF and other HEMA groups is critical. Some swords are two heavy, poorly balanced or badly constructed. Protective gear has evolved of the last few years to provide affordable and reliable equipment when used in conjunction with recommended training weapons. The two must be used together. Over the last 20+ years we have tried and used every piece of mass-produced armour and weaponry. The following documents list the equipment that we recommend, and personally use for training and sparring. This list is based specifically upon our specific training and the fact that we are in the UK. European suppliers generally take precedence for us due to currency differences, shipping, duties and warranty issues. Reenactment equipment is generally unsuited for HEMA. If you’d like to buy or use something not on this lists, please contact us first for advice.

AHF Recommended Training Weapons

Weapons include both synthetic and steel. We like to use a mixture of both, with an emphasis on safe sparring, and keeping the weapons are close to their original versions as possible.

Version 1, 12th Jan 2017.


AHF Recommended Protective Equipment

There are two main types of armour, improvised, and bespoke HEMA armour. Improvised includes such things as motorcycle armour, modified reenactment gear and altered sports equipment. We do not recommend this other than for light protection during your first few weeks. Bespoke HEMA armour from specialists is required for sparring, and critical for good movement, as well as to minimize the chance of injury.

Version 1, 12th Jan 2017.