Your Instructors

The AHF is run by the Thomas Brothers, co-founders of the AHF in 2006. We have two instructors and three assistant instructors, with three in the UK, one in Portugal, plus one from Poland. All of our instructors have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience across a variety of weapons and systems. We teach and train with longsword, rapier, sabre, and sword & buckler, with an emphasis on British, German and Italian traditions.

Nick specialises in Italian rapier from Capo Ferro and British military sabre, while Michael's focus is German longsword and sidesword from the later sources such as Meyer. Both were among the first instructors in the UK to study these masters. They run both schools, with classes taking place every week of the year.

Assistant Instructors

The AHF has many experienced and skilled fencers, and a number of them provide important additional tuition and coaching for our students. We currently have three assistant instructors, from the UK, Portugal and Poland.

Artur Augustyniak


Tim Jones

Tim is a founder of the AHF, and one of our five fencing instructors, with a background in historical swordsmanship, archaeology and Classics.

Rui Ferreira

Rui Ferreira is one of the founders of the Portuguese group Espada Negra – HEMA Study Group. He began studying Roworth, as well as other sources, in 2015 and was the first person in the Portugal to specialise on a military sabre source.