About Us

Formed in 2006, the Academy of Historical Fencing is run by the Thomas Brothers, (Michael and Nick). Our school has over a hundred members from throughout S Wales and the South West of England. We have a wide variety of skills, knowledge and expertise in different weapon forms, combat and research. The Thomas Brothers teach armed combat in the English, German and Italian traditions using longswords, sword & buckler, side-sword, rapier, dussack, smallsword, and military sabre. We train with both synthetic and steel weapons and suitable armour is always worn for sparring.

Nick specialises in Italian rapier from Capo Ferro and British military sabre from Roworth, while Michael's focus is German longsword, dussack, and sidesword fromĀ  Meyer. Both were among the first instructors in the UK to study these masters. They run both schools, with classes taking place every week of the year.