Additional Information

Buying Equipment

The AHF does not stock equipment to sell, but instructors and members do occasionally have equipment and weapons for sale. We do occasionally place group orders for training weapons. This is for the benefit of members and savings on postage. You are under no obligation to purchase through the club. We will provide a list of recommended suppliers where you can buy equipment year-round. We also receive club discount on Red Dragon products. Ask the instructors or on the membership page for our discount code.

If you have any questions about equipment, ask in the group, or by email.

AHF Membership Group (Facebook)

The AHF maintains a closed Facebook group that is for members only. All news and club discussion occur there, it is called ‘Membership (Academy of Historical Fencing). If you intend to stay at the AHF, we highly recommend you join the group to stay up to date with news, events and discussion.

Tournaments and other HEMA events

The AHF does not typically host tournaments, nor is it our core aim or ambition to train for them. However, many tournaments do take place across the country and elsewhere around the world. Many of our members travel and compete at these events. There are also other events for training and sparring that we would encourage you to participate in, whether AHF instructors attend them or not.

Video and Photography at the AHF

We regularly film and photograph practice at the AHF for use on social media. This is for both educational and entertainment purposes. If you do not wish to feature in video or photography, please make an instructor aware. If you wish to take photos or videos please speak with an instructor first.

Bullying and Harassment

The AHF has a zero tolerance to such behaviour. We always maintain a friendly and welcoming environment. If you feel a member of the club is acting in an inappropriate or threatening manner, do not hesitate to approach an instructor to discuss your concerns. Either in class, by phone, email or social media.