Associated Schools

The AHF has formed close relationships with several fencing schools, clubs and instructors. If you’re looking for extra training, or something closer to home then please check these established clubs. They are run by high quality instructors and receive the AHF’s firm endorsement. Let them know we sent you there:

Cardiff, Wales – Academy of Steel

Academy of Steel Cardiff is dedicated to the study and practice of swordplay and the use of medieval weapons and Western Martial Arts. We seek to marry elements of reconstructive historical re-enactment and Historical European Martial Art (HEMA) in order to offer a well-rounded education in the science of sword fighting and medieval combat.  We strive to learn as much as possible and to create a constructive framework that provides an accessible curriculum and training to allow new members to learn sword play and benefit from our many years of experience.

We provide a welcoming environment for all participants offering different levels of intensity and focus. Friendly competitions will be held at the end of every month. It isn’t mandatory, but we encourage everyone to have a go as it’s a great way to measure the progression of your skills.

Lisbon, Portugal – Espada Negra – HEMA Study Group

Espada Negra – Hema Study Group’s goal is the practice, study, research, promotion and teaching of what is commonly known as Historical European Martial Arts.

Founded in 2015, the group has three main instructors, one of which has an international resume, who teach classes around the practice and fencing of weapons that range from the 16th to 19th centuries, of which the Longsword, Rapier and Sabre, are the most popular. This, however, does not mean our members cannot study other weapons, systems and treatises in parallel with the classes. In fact, we try to encourage our members to do so whenever possible.

We aim to be a cohesive and inclusive group that doesn’t turn its back to anyone. As such, anyone and everyone is welcome to our sessions, to debate, to practice. To, above all else, share the love we have for HEMA.