Complaints and Discipline Procedures

Everybody in the AHF has a duty and responsibility to behave respectfully towards each other, to our equipment to the locations in which we train, and to the HEMA community in general. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the behaviour of any AHF member you should contact us using the contact us button on our website, or by calling us on the telephone number listed.

With regards to resolving issues between the AHF membership and at AHF run events there are three approaches. These should all done in a timely manner, please come to us as soon as possible so that we can take appropriate action.

 1) Resolve the situation person to person. This should always be your first response unless circumstances make it difficult or impossible.

2) Mediation. This is to resolve an issue between current members in the club that requires the intervention of the instructors as a third party. This may result in a warning, or other actions. If the resolution proves unsatisfactory, it may be escalated to a formal complaint.

3) Formal Complaint. An investigation will be carried out by both instructors examining the allegations and evidence, as well as testimony of both sides. The consequences of this investigation may result in no action being taken or formal action, up to and including warning, suspension or a permanent ban. If the complaint is serious enough it may warrant suspension pending investigation.

We, the instructors of the AHF reserve the right to contact and involve the authorities if we believe laws have been broken.

Right to Appeal

If a member disagrees with any decision or action we have taken they have the right to appeal. These appeals will be heard by the instructors, (excluding any who might be the subject of a complaint). If this is not possible we will ask for a representative from another associated school to ensure impartiality. The decision of the Appeals process is final.