HEMA Novels by the Thomas Bros

Doom meets Army of Darkness in the epic MASTERS OF DEFENCE as the world’s greatest martial artists fight to the death against resurrected warriors of the past.

The legions of the dead are here and all that stands in their way is a small band of martial artists and expert swordsmen!

A terrifying evil rises deep below the crumbling catacombs of the old college as a great terror calls upon the fallen of the past. As the college echoes to the sound of a grand martial arts event the army of ancient, resurrected warriors surrounds the site, hungering for violence and death. Without warning they swarm inside, killing all they find and showing no mercy.

All that stands in the ways of these horrors are the modern-day material arts experts who have come to train in the fighting arts of the sword, spear, and bow. They prepare to put their knowledge and skills to the ultimate test against the unstoppable horde and its undying master.

Masters of Defence: The Army of the Dead is the first novel in a thrilling new survival fantasy series set in Wales, that throws a host of historical European martial artists against an unspeakable horror that destroys everything in its path.