Sparring Events

Hosted by the Academy of Historical Fencing. Open to any member of a HEMA club (*see requirements below). There will be no instruction, only fighting! If you are a member of a HEMA club and are insured, you are welcome to come along.

A mixture of single and group sparring with any weapons that we currently train with. The session will be three hours long on the Saturday afternoon, and will cost £7 per person. The location (Chepstow Leisure Centre) is very easy to access with free parking. We have a full large sports hall to use, meaning bucket loads of space for all.

*You must bring your own gear. All participants must be a minimum of 18 years old. You must be a member of a recognised HEMA school, you must have insurance. You must follow the AHF Code of Conduct (see AHF Code of Conduct page).

More information on our sparring days can be found at our official Facebook Events Page.